Turkish Rug and Carpets

Beautiful hand woven Tribal and Village Turkish Rugs and Carpets are one of the honoured rugs known for their complex knots per square meter, more knots a Turkish rug has superior will be its design and weavings. Turkish rugs are available in diverse design and sizes from large rugs to smaller designs according to the region and the tribal group who organized them. Turkish rugs mainly differ in compliance with the materials, designing and technique used in their creation. Turkish rugs prepared from the fine natural silks are most expensive in market.

At present, it is impossible to prove exactly when and where rug weaving began, as there is no reliable source, but it can be traced back as early the Neolithic age (7000 B.C.). The first examples consisting of warp and weft were textile products which resembled flat weave kilims. Then rugs were created by forming knots to make a pile. According to scientist, rugs weaving must have originated in the dry steppe regions where the nomadic tribes lived. Central Asia was a suitable location for the first rug-weaving center because of the availability of land for herding sheep and because of the climate of the region.

Rug weaving in Anatolia first began with the arrival of the Turkish tribes from Central Asia, who settled in this region. Therefore, Anatolian rugs form a branch of ethnic Turkish rugs. Some of the oldest examples known are the eighteen surviving pieces woven by the Selcuk Turks in the 13th century. The motifs in these pieces represented in stylized floral and geometrical patterns in several basic colors and were women in Sivas, Kayseri and the capital Konya. 

The art of rug weaving which began with the Selcuks continued with the Ottoman Turks. After the Selcuk Turks and before the Ottomans (during the transition period in the 14th century) animal figures began to appear on the rugs.

Hands made carpets are generally called after the region or town where they are manufactured. Contemporary carpets are made in various sizes and with combinations of various materials.


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