Antique Rugs

Antique rugs as the name suggest are antique in design with extraordinary conventional artworks by proficient artists. An antique rug with hand-reeled wool and unbleached colors looks brighter because of the revived backgrounds and quality works. Antique rugs include the superior rugs like oriental rugs, Persian rugs made in Persia, Turkey and other countries in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

At Rug Store we specialize in variety of marvellous oriental rugs of various types, sizes, age and prices all according to your interior designing necessities. We have stocked a number of antique rugs in varying sizes, out of which large rugs are staggeringly sold and recognized among the customers. Our displayed catalogue of antique rugs has been cautiously chosen by keeping the artistic value and age of the rug. We have been originated to lend a helping hand to the customers who are looking for genuine rugs, faithful advice on selection of appropriate rugs at the most affordable prices.

 We would be delighted if we got a chance to serve you for any kind of your queries or questions regarding the antique, oriental rugs. You can shop for rugs online or can personally visit the Rug Store in Richmond London to go through with our prolonged collection of rugs for sale


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