Caring for Kilims

Please note that we have chosen the heading for this section with care to emphasize its two different but mutually consistent meanings. When we care for something it means that we like or even love it, but then we also tend to care for it by treating it well and protecting it from harm. So to help you take good care of the kilim area rug you care for, we have prepared a set of guidelines gleamed from many sources. You will find that most are simply good common sense, but there are also some more intricate points of kilim area rug care worthy of your attention.   Kilim Rugs

The Object of Care
Hanging Kilim Area Rugs
First Aid in Accidental Spills
Stubborn Stains, Pesky Problems

Disclaimer: The guidelines for kilim rug care given below in this section are of a general nature and are made in good faith. However, due to the condition, materials, age and other factors, undesired effects or damages might be caused when some of our recommended procedures are used on some kilim area rugs, so any procedure or technique you choose to apply is done at your own risk.
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