Oriental Rugs Cleaning

We offer a full and competitive cleaning and repair service on all sizes of rugs and kilims. We have undertaken specialist restoration work including cleaning and repairs, insurance salvage work following floods, fire and accidental damage and are now recommended by many local and national insurers.

Oriental rugs with delicate fibres need specialist cleaning.  Whether it has sentimental value or was very expensive, we recognise that oriental rugs need to be analysised before cleaning takes place.  Contact to Rug Store for expert cleaning and advice.

Beautiful colours and designs and intricate detail look wonderful at the time of purchase but over time they can become dull and need cleaning to revitalise colour.

We take nothing to chance and your rug will be fully inspected for colour run before cleaning takes place.  It is likely that your rug may require dry cleaning by hand, with our training and expert knowledge your rug is in good hands.

‘Orient’ means the East so it is likely that a genuine oriental rug has come from an Asian country or was made there and has been made knotted with pile or woven.

When we visit to qualify your rug for cleaning we will be looking for snagged fibres, spots and stains, rips or tears in the fabric, texture and the way in which it can be professionally cleaned.

The same methods are applied during a carpet cleaning inspection, our professional carpet cleaner will be ensuring that they have looked for every possibility so that you are left with a clean item and anything that we notice will be mentioned before cleaning takes place.

We do traditional hand cleaning action, without including any industrial processes. Rugs tore’s professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Carpet and Kilim upholstery cleaning, and repair solutions. Our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers.

Whether it is our professional opinion or cleaning that you require, call Rug Store for Rug Cleaning Services London for professional and a first class cleaning service

Rug Cleaning Cost

Our rug cleaning service is a flat rate of £25 per square meter. Please note that this price excludes silk carpets or rugs. To have your silk rugs cleaned please contact us for your quote.

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