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Turkish rugs have, historically, been found in the homes of nobility and royalty and have long been a coveted piece of decoration. Searching for rugs on Rug Store will showcase a wide range of types, styles and sizes. There is a rug to match every budget and aesthetic favouring.

Turkish Rugs

The designs of the Turkish Rugs are very bold and beautiful. Originally, goat hair was used because it was so durable and they made bedding and floor coverings, like rugs. However, as wool and silk were created and became better known, they were used for the rugs. Wool was the most popular due to the soft feeling and ability to dye a variety of colours.

The soft material was also extremely strong. Turkish rugs will last a very long time, as long as you know how to look after them. Turkish rugs are one of the honoured rugs known for their complex knots per square meter, more knots a Turkish rug has superior will be its design and weavings.

Turkish Rugs are available in diverse design and sizes from large rugs to smaller designs according to the region and the tribal group who organized them. Turkish rugs mainly differ in compliance with the materials, designing and technique used in their creation. Turkish rugs prepared from the fine natural silks are most expensive in market.

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Turkish Carpets stand for ideal geometrical patterns mixed with modern designing, these rugs are simple to wash and sustain for longer periods of time. With our rugs online you can discover one of the most superlative and exclusive Turkish Rugs designs at the ease of your home.

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