Persian Kilims

Persian kilims have become one of the most loved accessories for decorating interiors in innumerable households. Their demand is progressively increasing because of their unmatched workmanship and skill which make your interiors stylish, exciting and vibrant and bring about an international feel. Kilims are great coverings for your floors and also can be used as wall hangings, cushion and pillow cases.


Making such rugs and kilims started as early as the Bronze Age in 5th century Persia. Various economic, environmental, cultural and political conditions brought about the inception of kilim making. The nomadic and ethnic groups first made kilims for their personal use. But their exquisite works made them famous and before long, kilims began to be created for rich people, royals, the court and also for export. The kilims were characterized by their unparalleled weaving techniques, ingenious and elaborate designs and patterns and vibrant colors. The kilims of different producing regions had different symbolization, designs, weaving techniques which have continued till today.


Ancient kilims were hand woven and making a single kilim took several months. Persian kilims use the single or asymmetrical loop to weave kilims and rugs. Horizontal and vertical looms are used in their making. Intricate, elaborate designs are their distinguishing feature. The designs are mostly curvilinear or rectilinear. Wool, both in its natural form and also after dying constitute the most preferred material for kilims. Cotton and silk are the other two raw materials which are also used. More the number of knots per square inch in the warp, better the quality of the kilim. These days kilims are both hand woven and machine made. The modern weavers have successfully carried forward the Persian tradition of kilim making.

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