Afghan Kilims

Symbol of great human excellence, Afghan kilims have caught the fancy of many and their demand is steadily increasing day by day. They are one of the best produce from Afghanistan and they give your interiors a touch of freshness, vibrancy, style and elegance.


Culmination of multiple factors such as geographical, environmental, cultural, economic and like led to the creation of rugs and kilims in Afghanistan. The bulk of such kilims are made in Northern and Western Afghanistan. Baluch and Heart regions produce some of the best kilims in Afghanistan. They are loved all over the world and more and more people are coming to realize their true value. Traditional kilims are exclusively hand woven and modern kilims are hand woven as well as machine made. Women and girls form the majority of artisans.


Wool is the most frequently used raw material. Cotton and silk kilims are also made. Silk kilims have the most intricate patterns. Afghan kilims are most famous for their use of natural colors in rugs and kilims. A plethora of vegetables and natural dyes are utilized to bring about exotic and thrilling colors. Various types of weaving techniques, raw materials, patterns, designs are used to make these kilims. Peculiarly elongated animal and human figures are a distinguishing feature. Dark red is the most popular color which is used in various shades too. Common motifs are octagonal elephant’s foot often with a dark red background and adorned with curvilinear flowers done in ochre, beige and dark blue. Many kilims also are woven with designs depicting nomadic lifestyle.

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