Persian Rugs and Carpets

Beautiful handmade Tribal and Village Persian Rugs and Carpets, View one of the most comprehensive collections of Antique Persian Kilim Rugs. An authentic Persian rugs & Carpets is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. Rug Store has a wide variety of Persian rugs to choose from.

We provide the best quality good at best prices in London and all over UK. Also, get custom made handmade Persian rugs according to your customized requirements do let us know about your requirements and also request for a free quote now. Rug Store is a one stop company for all your interior decoration needs and solutions. Do check out other related categories such as customized rug, handmade rug, modern rug, and Kilim Rugs.


The Persian Rugs is your thing to decorate the flooring of your home with. Persian Rugs UK are known to be the ultimate embodiment of Persian Culture and with them being laid out on the floor of your home be confident of attracting a lot of glances and stares.

Persian Rugs UK is known to last a lifetime, ones that become better just like fine wines. They keep improving with age. Some are even woven with golden thread, simply to add to their look. The natural fibers and dyes used to weave them react to changes in the air with their colours and hues becoming even more complex as time wears by. Ageing Rugs UK is even more valuable than their newer counterparts which have hardly been there for some time.