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Rugs and Carpets repairs are one of the necessities of rug use. Rugs and carpets are floor coverings which help make your interiors stand out from regular homes and give it a distinctive, dynamic, fashionable and international elegance. They go through continuous and heavy use and therefore, sometimes repairs might be needed to make them as good as new. You need to take your rugs to a professional and Rug Store is the best place to do so.

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Rugs Repair

Professional restoration of carpets, kilims, rugs, European tapestries & abussons. A' stitch in time saves nine' especially true for oriental rugs, where early attention to damaged areas will not only save you hundreds of stitches but hundreds of pounds

We take utmost care and rug repairs are done using the best techniques to give you the finest results. We do all kinds of repairs and restoration.

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Kilim Repair

 • Fringes are repaired by unwinding some of the pile beyond the afflicted spot so that the warp gets exposed and they act as the new fringe. We can also stitch new fringe which we will create in accordance with the rug. They look totally original and beautiful.

• Holes in rugs are repaired by rebuilding the foundation of the carpet. Then we re-weave the spot with exactly same color and quality threads over the foundation as was done originally.

• We also re-pile, patch and re-knot the damaged areas and also re create the damaged patterns and designs.

• Resizing carpets is done very meticulously and carefully where the very nature and core of the rug is preserved and a totally new look is generated.

• We can envelop small holes and tears by embroidery or by weaving a identical piece and then sewing it up with the warp and weft of the rug. We also fully re weave the lost area by affixing specific and singular yarns to the warp and weft of the rug.

• Our other services include steaming, shearing, binding, curling prevention and many other essentials.

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Kilim Repair

 We use handspun wool & tailor made vegetable dyes individually mixed for color matching to suit the needs of the rugs, and leading industry tools to handle your request with the up most effectiveness at affordable prices.

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Kilim Rugs Repair

 Can you repair my rugs? We repair and clean all rugs and kilims with an emphasis on handmade rugs such as Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish Rugs, Pakistani rugs, Chinese rugs, Indian rugs, Moroccan, Tunisian and Egyptian rugs. No job is too small or too difficult. We will offer you our free no obligation quote with one of the best possible prices for Rugs Repair.

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Turkish Kilim Repair

Repairs can be anything from simply securing edges or fringes thereby preventing further erosion, right through to re-weaving holes and damaged areas of pile, e.g. following fire damage. Charges vary depending upon type and size of rug and it’s repair but estimates are free so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Rug Store Services


We offer a full and competitive Rug Repairs service on all sizes of rugs and kilims. We have undertaken specialist restoration work including Rugs cleaning London and repairs, insurance salvage work following floods, fire and accidental damage and are now recommended by many local and national insurers.


Rugs Repair Damaged Oriental rugs and carpets can be repaired to give you many more years of use and pleasure. However it is important that repairs are undertaken by experts with the required special skills so that an effective repair is carried out depending on the extent of the damage and the age of the rug.


Rug store professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Kilims and Rug Cleanings solutions our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers.