Traditional rugs

Traditional rugs are one of the renowned rugs perfect for you especially if you want to attach standardized elegance to your floor resembling a Royal Palace or imperial mansions. Traditional rugs also include antique designs, large rugs which may take months to complete a particular design. There are number of rugs coming in the category of traditional designs comprising of oriental rugs, Persian rugs, fine quality of Turkish rugs, Afghan rugs, Kazak rugs, Ziegler rugs, European rugs, Caucasus Rugs and so on.

With our magnificent range of traditional rugs you will discover trendy designs, in varying fibers, colours and dimension so that you can search out what you wish for. Traditional sketches are accessible in enormous traits, in exclusive natural colours, hand intertwined designs all within your funds and necessities. Traditional rugs are generally imported from the countries like Iran, turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, Central Asia and Caucasus. The quality of the rug is our focal interest so that we can bring premium to our clients which in return come to us by the word of mouth appreciations from present customers

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