Rugs Cleaning London

Rugs cleaning London offer a full and competitive cleaning and repair service on all sizes of rugs and kilims. We have undertaken specialist restoration work including cleaning and repairs, insurance salvage work following floods, fire and accidental damage and are now recommended by many local and national insurers.

Rugs Cleaning

Rugs cleaning cost service is a flat rate of £25 per square meter. Please note that this price excludes silk carpets or rugs. To have your silk rugs cleaned please contact us for a quote.

asy steps to rugs cleaning at home:

• Vacuum the rug regularly. Avoid the power brush. If it is woolen rug then vacuum the back of the rug by beating bar or rotating brush. Then flip it over and vacuum gently. For other types of rugs, beating bar or rotating brush can be used on both sides. Do not vacuum the fringes.

• Instant cleaning of stains and spills is very important. It is quite normal for something to spill over. This should be removed as quickly as possible. And remember to dry the area immediately. You can use rug shampoos for rugs cleaning at least once a month.

• Avoid folding the rug. It would create wrinkles and creases. Rugs should be rolled, if required.

• Use hand brush during rugs cleaning thoroughly for very miniscule dirt, pet hairs etc. which remain even after vacuuming.

• Turn the rug once or twice a year to even out the wear and tear on it. If the rug is not very large, you can take it outside and beat it forcefully to remove dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

In spite of this, for the best results, you should take the rug to professional cleaners. We at Rug Store are very experienced in rugs cleaning. We vacuum the rug thoroughly and employ mild shampoo. It is soaked in cold water and then we flat dry it by mild heat. We also use rotary machines, encapsulation is done and we also give you no-moisture or very low moisture cleaning.

We use a straw made hand brush to clean any rug instead of heavy duty machines. Besides, our chemicals have pleasant fragrance when they are dry. When we clean any rug, we drain the water immediately and make the place dry for next one. We drain the water any time we wash any rug as well as the place, so that, the place is ready for next rugs. After washing, we carry them in a dry place and try to dry them as quickly as possible, So that they don’t change smell and to protect the original colour of the rugs.

Use our professional rugs cleaning service if you based within London Area or we can help you choose courier service for pick and delivery at your door steps. With us you can be rest assured that your rugs will be cleaned by best rugs cleaning methods