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Oriental rugs are mainly produced in the countries like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India where this art of weaving is accepted since long years back. Oriental rugs are best-known for their supreme creativity and quality of weaving's. Usually, it takes approximately 3 to 6 months in creation of particular Oriental rug that is why oriental rugs are highly-priced among the other types of rugs.  

 Nowadays majority of the young artists from Oriental rug manufacturing companies are opting the modern designs according to the changing trends and techniques of weaving for the better results. As numbers of the Oriental rug artists are working from their homes and small villages, they use the natural fibers in their construction like wool, cotton and silk which makes them long running for centuries.      

 There are number of attributes which you need to consider while evaluating a rug for your home or office like their size, quality of weaves, quality of fabric, design textures and so on. Colors used in manufacturing of oriental rug plays a momentous role in their overall appearance, better color sequences makes  an ordinary rug look appealing and glorious.   

Oriental rugs which are prepared with fine quality of wool look more beautiful with time and use. Old oriental rugs have great resale value in market, if you have fine looking older oriental rug at you home and looking to change it, then you can even resale it at the higher prices to the rugs traders and other rug dealers.  

First point of selection should be its designs and color combinations used in it, after that go for the quality issues and prices. Carefully check the rug for any type of hidden defects and impropriety in designs. While judging an Oriental rug make sure it is not looking dull and dry, completely verify the rugs by touching it from one border to another

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