Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are one of the most opulent creations, mirroring the Persian art, life and culture, which have survived through time, wars and empires. They are known for unique design, richness of color & textile, varied patterns and quality of weave.

Persian Carpets

Since ancient times, Persian carpets and rugs are synonymous with magnificence, royalty and prestige. Over the years, they have widely travelled over the world and have become highly coveted and decorated objects in almost all the places. Created initially as utilitarian objects, they have evolved over time and became a means of cultural exchange; they bring the rich art & culture of ancient Persia to your house. Once they occupy a place in your home, they automatically add warmth to your room and heart, and steal glances from your friends and family alike. They add an aura of aristocracy and splendour to the spaces they are spread out on. It is said, Persian Rugs & carpets are timeless works of art, and they are passed on as heirloom pieces from generation to generation. The resale value of well maintained, antique Persian carpets is also very high. No other investment grows in beauty as it ages. 

Although, weaving of popular and expensive Persian rugs are predominantly hand-woven in many parts of Iran, but it is fast becoming mechanized now. The most distinguishing quality about them is that no two Persian Rugs are similar. The weavers’ weave their own story and interpretations to make each piece a unique masterpiece.

Antique Oriental Carpet

 The richness of color palette and combinations, patterns, usage of natural materials, natural dyes makes hand-made Persian Rug a unique work of art, a symbol of goodness and peace,  the kindness of human heart; In its patterns, colors, almost concluded - old traditions of secrecy and wisdom East. Each rug's particular pattern, palette, and weave are uniquely linked with the indigenous culture, and weaving techniques are specific to an identifiable geographic area or nomadic tribe. Rugs are generally named after the village, town or district where they are woven or collected, or by the weaving tribe in the case of nomadic pieces.

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Persian Kilim Rugs

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