Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are well known for their individuality and aesthetic properties which do come with them and make them distinct from rest of the designs and other forms of rugs. The quality of being hand woven makes the oriental rugs unique in arts and attractive from any other designs. We have 35 years of valuable experience of working as a preeminent rug dealer in UK with specializations in Oriental Rugs, large rugs, kilims, Persian rugs etc. 

Oriental Carpets

Our customers know us for personalized and trustworthy services, competitive prices and all of the above genuine quality Oriental Carpets. We perpetually upgrade our catalogue of the rugs by keeping in mind the current requirements of the buyers according to ever-changing trends. We have direct associations with the rug manufactures and other main supplier’s in the countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, and China. 

With rugs online at rug store you can explore your search by applying filters on the topic like size of the rugs, price criterion, type and age of the rug which you are looking to purchase. In our extensive range of rugs you will surly find out an ideal 
Oriental Rugs which will collect appreciations from the visitors and comply with your living standards. We will be pleased if you can personally visit us at 
Rug Store or you can also talk to us on 020 8876 0070 for any of your queries or doubts.

Oriental Rugs

Beautiful Oriental Rugs & Carpets at Rug Store, View one of the most comprehensive collections of Antique Oriental Rugs and Carpets at Rug Store London, handmade traditional Kilim rugs, Kilim cushions and Kilim Furniture, with worldwide delivery. Rug Store based in London UK