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Afghan Rugs are one of the ancient oriental rugs, conventionally manufactured in the Afghanistan. The majority of Afghan carpets are named after their area of foundation or through the name of the ethnic group who weaves them.

These carpets are testimony to the wide ethical, aesthetic and superior skills of the artists. The woven style and designing of varies with different regions from where these rugs have originated. Afghan Turkestan rugs are basically manufactured in the areas near to border of Uzbekistan.

Herati rugs are produced in the Herati regions of the Afghan these rugs are one of the extraordinary and identifiable oriental rugs among all other forms of rugs. Maximum of the rugs manufactured in this area are crafted with the fine patterns of living creatures.

It is a difficult and time consuming job to craft Herati rugs as they require closed weave in different contortions within a little surface. Baluch tribes of Afghanistan are renowned for their specially crafted wool rugs with traditional ways of weaving mostly by the women folk of that area. To be in line with the latest techniques, many weavers have implemented the technique of weaving and artworks from other countries like turkey, Iran etc in their interweaving styles.

There are number of ethnic groups which are specially known for their rug arts such as Andkhoy, Sulayman, Aq Shah, Barmazid, Qarqueen etc. According to the ethnic groups, Afghan Rugs are divided into three various major categories which are Afghan Turkestan, Baluch, and Herati. Prized for their high quality and fine craftsmanship, Afghan Rugs are easily recognized by their characteristic patterns, often set in warm, deep red colour tones.

Signature Afghan patterns include the Göls (elephant foot like pattern) and octagonal pattern (eight shaped) often with curvilinear flowers in dark blue, ochre and beige, whilst Pakistani carpets are typically known for their Mori, Bhokara patterns. Various natural and vegetable dyes are used to extract the richness of colors. Many patterns and colors are used, traditionally the most woven design is the elephant's foot, often with a red background. The weavers also weave other trappings of the nomadic lifestyle.

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R9336 Large Afghan Kazak Carpet
355cm X 262cm
R9336 Large Afghan Kazak Carpet
R9224 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
140cm X 51cm
R9224 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
R9305 Red Afghan Carpet Runner
190cm X 101cm
R9305 Red Afghan Carpet Runner
R9223 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
136cm X 51cm
R9223 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
R9303 Large Afghan Red Carpet
285cm X 192cm
R9303 Large Afghan Red Carpet
R9228 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
140cm X 50cm
R9228 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
R9304 Large Afghan Red Carpet
285cm X 200cm
R9304 Large Afghan Red Carpet
R9222 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
146cm X 51cm
R9222 Vintage Afghan Carpet Runners
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I Have received the kilim and stools. Thankyou for the excellent work on the dye run. The kilim is beautiful, I love it.

Nigel Bull, France

The little rug arrived safely today and I am pleased with it. Thank you for a reliable service!

Gerhard, United Kingdom

Hello Rug Store, the Kelim stool has just arrived safely and looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your help in guidin..

Diana Morshead, Herefordshire, UK

my cushion covers arrived today.They are perfect.thank you

Christine Boyd, UK

Thank you so much for the beautiful cushion cover I bought from you recently. It arrived promptly and exceeded expectat..

Jennie Gilmore, United Kingdom

Dear Sirs, We’d just like to say a sincere thank you to you for the very prompt delivery of this Kilim rug – it is incr..

Justin and Tina Lindemann, Cheshire, UK

Thank you for my beautiful kilim stool: the colours matched the website photo perfectly and it is a very handsome piece...

H Bakrim, Cornwall

My wife and I were delighted with the rug we bought from you. We had struggled to find a rug of a particular size and w..

Gerald Monaghan, Northern Ireland

Hello, The carpet arrived yesterday. It is exactly as expected, and absolutely lovely. Your 'zooming in' system for ver..

Lynne Ross. United Kingdom

Excellent service and swift delivery. Couldn't be happier with my rug. I love it! Thank you Rug Store.

Mrs Jacqueline Lewis, United Kingdom

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