Kilims are finely decorative pieces of ancient arts representing the ethnic backgrounds of a nation. Kilims Rugs  are recognized for their specific geometrical shapes and particular handicraft arts of the artists. In the early years manufacturing of kilims were popular in Middle East and Central Asia especially in the countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Caucasus, Persia and Balkans.


Kilims are flat woven textiles that are made of intersecting warps and wefts. For thousands of years, kilims have been woven to serve utilitarian purposes, such as for floor coverings in tents, tent covers, tent bands, baby cradles, and numerous other functions. Throughout history, however, kilims have also been enjoyed not just for their utilitarian benefits, but also for their great beauty and unique aesthetic. In recent times especially, kilims have gained a wide popularity in American and European interior design. This article aims to provide a guideline for how to care for hand-woven kilims so that they can be preserved and handed down to future generations.

Kilim Rugs

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