Flat weave Kilim Rugs

Flat weave Kilim Rugs

The word Kilim is of Turkish origin and is used to describe pileless rugs made using a flat-weave technique. These beautiful textiles were not just made in Turkey - their origins range from regions like the Balkans to Northern Africa, to name a couple.

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Now these cosmopolitan treasures are appreciated in households all over the world. Uses for Kilims are many fold - wall hangings, room dividers, curtains, table cloths, stair runners, cushions, furniture covers, bed boards and of course rugs.

Flat weave Kilim Rugs, which are more like tapestries - soft and thin and used as sofa covers or wall hangings - are also increasingly in demand. Kilim is a flat-woven rug (though because of the artful nature of the kilim, many are hung on the wall as show-pieces instead of being used as a floor-covering) made in several regions of the world, including Turkey, Persia, and the Caucasus.

Similar to hand knotted rugs, flat weave rugs are woven on a foundation made up of cotton warps (rope) strung on a frame called a loom. Instead of looping wool around the warps and creating a thick wool pile, the yarns are threaded back and forth covering all the cotton thread like a blanket or tapestry. This weaving process creates a very flat pile.

Because of the manufacturing method, Flat weave Kilim Rugs are usually produced more quickly than hand knotted rugs. The beauty of these area rugs is revealed by the fact that they do not display the thick pile found in hand knotted rugs. Instead, these area rugs show a flat textural look.

Flat weave rugs are available in many styles and designs. They are beautiful and frequently used in many applications by home decorators and interior designers alike. The unique style of these rugs makes them highly desirable.

Price points range from low to high end, depending upon how densely they are woven and the materials used.

Whether you are looking for Beautiful Flat weave Kilim Rugs or practical accessories for your own home, a treat for yourself or a gift for discerning family and friends we hope you will enjoy browsing the Rug Store range of home Kilim Rugs