Stubborn Stains, Pesky Problems


  Stubborn Stains

There may be occasions when your first-aid efforts to avert stains from spills are not fully successful, in which case we recommend that you avail yourself of the services of professional rug cleaners without delay. Don’t put it off, because once a stain sets in it becomes that much harder to remove.
Some compendiums of ‘household tips’ advise that you stock up with a closetful of various cleaning aids, like ammonia, alcohol, glycerin, white vinegar, dry-cleaning fluid, etc., and apply these in accordance with their directions. We are reluctant to subscribe to these suggestions, mainly because we believe that there are so many variables involved that it is impractical (if not impossible) to prescribe a precise, effective method for each individual case without concern that it may turn out to be counterproductive. Not only is the use of even commonplace chemicals risky, their overzealous or mistaken application (under conditions of stress created by the ‘emergency’ of the spill) may result in more harm than good, so we stand by our recommendation of calling on professional help.

Some pesky problems may be easier to deal with than stubborn stains, as, for example, chewing gum or candle wax, and here it is only common sense to follow the voices of experience. Chilling the gun with ice cubes until it becomes brittle, then breaking it off, or extracting candle wax by absorption into a blotter or brown paper pressed against the offending spot by a hot iron are methods generally known and commonly practiced without prejudice. There is no harm in putting these physical means to proper use, but do be wary of chemicals, especially if they come with claims to miraculous properties of stain removal.