Beautifully Hand Woven Kilim Rugs

Kilims are the most ancient rugs known in the history and has been enormously used by the royal and big homes in different ways. Kilims include one of the most unique and antiques designs, shapes with the superior weaving's you have ever seen in your life. The designs of kilims generally include symmetric patterns and other different emblematic shapes. This artistry of constituting the kilims has been taken from the different nations like Turkey, Afghanistan, and Persian and so on. The type of d...

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Antique Kilim Rugs

Kilims are flat woven rugs or flat tapestry woven carpets, highly popular around the world. From Turkish origins to south Asian cultures Kilims have their roots deep in all generations. They are totally decorative and can also serve dual purpose of prayer rugs and normal area rugs. They are woven in neat geometric patterns and subtle colours are used to define it in a more definitive way. Western households love to use Kilims and rugs of the same category in their homes. The warmth that comes fr...

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Kilims are a pileless floor covering hand woven by tapestry techniques in Anatolia, the Balkans, or parts of Iran. In the rest of Iran, the Caucasus, and Turkistan, the name for similar pieces is palaz. In most Kilims, a slit occurs wherever two colours meet along a vertical line in the pattern, but in a few Karabagh or South Caucasian pieces, interlocking methods are employed in order to minimize these slits. The Turks have produced the largest kilims, usually in two narrow pieces joined...

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What is a Kilim

 What is a Kilim?   A kilim is a type of woven rug which is characterized by bright, bold designs. Kilims are made in Turkey and many parts of the Middle East, and they are frequently offered for sale in Middle Eastern markets and carpet stores. It is also possible to find kilims in antique shops and in Western stores which specialize in imported textiles and carpeting.   Like many textiles, the kilim is designed to be used, ra...

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Turkish Rug and Carpets

At present, it is impossible to prove exactly when and where rug weaving began, as there is no reliable source, but it can be traced back as early the Neolithic age (7000 B.C.). The first examples consisting of warp and weft were textile products which resembled flat weave kilims. Then rugs were created by forming knots to make a pile. According to scientist, rugs weaving must have originated in the dry steppe regions where the nomadic tribes lived. Central Asia was a suitable location for the...

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Shop Online Rugs in UK

If one has not noticed, many homes today have the contemporary designer rugs these days. The homes of the people have become very comfortable and beautiful with these designer rugs. One can buy these rugs from Rugstore online. These online rugs UK are great addition that can decorate the homes or offices. These rugs have been serving many purposes. They protect the floors beneath them as well as add colour to the homes. People find this very pleasant. The areas of the homes are complemented...

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Contemporary Rugs

Area rugs especially contemporary area rugs have always enjoyed a lot of popularity. The reason for their continued popularity is because they are made to look like many different styles both modern and vintage. There are many manufacturers that are involved in making area rugs and they make many designs that can be used at the door entry or as a living room carpet to help enhance the décor of your house. Basically a well designed and manufactured contemporary area rug will work in any ...

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Designs at Rug Store Online

A rug might just be a simple tool on the floor to clean your shoes when entering a home, giving you a pleasant feeling that you are indeed welcome, which is why most homeowners would not mind buying such costly rugs. One site is famous for its beautiful and unique pieces of rugs.   When looking for the perfect rug for your home try to look at Rug Store Online, our collections are quite huge and options are plenty, we have designs that are made simple or intricate. Therefore, the pri...

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Handmade Rug

Handmade rugs history roots in central Asia where nomadic roamers used to weave handmade rugs. Buy handmade rugs from Rug Store ; your ultimate handmade rugs Provider.   Handmade rugs are considered as one of the best rugs available in the market. Most people are curious about the history of handmade rugs; what area handmade Rugs came from and who weaved first handmade rug etc. Today we are going to tell you about a short history of tribal rugs. Hope it will augment your fer...

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Buying rugs online

Each rug design is different in their own unique way. Buying a rug in an online store is an advantage because we give you more options to choose from. We offer designs that are perfect and also fit your style and taste. You will be happy to know that we have one of the largest online rug collections on the market today. Rug Store works within anyone’s budget because we value your trust in our services. Buying rugs on the web has never been any easier than it is today. With a large varie...

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Large Rugs in UK

The Large Rugs in UK are some of the most attractive showpieces one can see in most collections of rugs and mattresses across Britain. The manner in which they add zing to the floor on which they are spread out in really amazing. The floor lights up all of a sudden looking boisterous and lively. Perhaps had they been human, one could say majesty were to be in their DNA. By just seeing these Large Rugs in UK spread out on the floor, one marvels at just how magnificent these mattresses can re...

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Persian Rugs UK

The Persian Rug is your thing to decorate the flooring of your home with. Persian Rugs UK are known to be the ultimate embodiment of Persian Culture and with them being laid out on the floor of your home be confident of attracting a lot of glances and stares. Persian Rugs are known to last a lifetime, ones that become better just like fine wines. They keep improving with age. Some are even woven with golden thread, simply to add to their look. The natural fibers and dyes used to weave them ...

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Rugs UK

Rugs! Rugs! Rugs! The modern day home makers are kind of obsessed with these lovely home décor items. Be it a traditional setting or a modern setting, nothing works better than a great rug to complete the décor in an ultimate and exquisite manner.  You can titivate your home with these exceptional items with minimum effort and maximum ease. All that is required is to pick the one that suits your taste and preferences and the rest you can leave on the product itself! It ad...

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The Antique Oriental Rugs of London

The Antique Oriental Rugs of London are supposedly the ones originally created in Asia, but now sold across the world. They are known for their immaculate patterns, floral and geometrical ones categorically. Also, the embroidery done in them is refined and open scale, with both bold and subdued colours alike. They are primarily categorized by their regions, Persian, Chinese and Indian being the main ones. Also made in Eastern styles, they are known to have stylized descriptions engraved in them...

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Rug for Sale

Are You Probing Rugs For Sale? Are you looking for some beautiful rugs for your home or office, if yes then this post can be a milestone in your search of rugs for sale? Today rugs store are flooded with the variety of exclusive designs, colours, shapes of rugs that most of the buyers got confused at the time of selections on which one to approve or disapprove for their place. If you are looking for more than just rugs service provider you have to search for the wholesale Rugs dealers in your c...

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Quality Rugs for Sale

To have rugs in your office or home is really marvellous and it adds a great value to the place. There are number of importers and manufactures who are in this profession for years and have their own in-house artists and hence a range of awesome rugs of sale. Rugs may vary with respect to the quality, design, type, size and components used in its manufacturing's.  Rugs can be handmade or machine made and both have own kinds of quality and texture but handmade rugs are a bit expensive then ...

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Large Rugs for Your Home

Home decorations are one of the most favoured activities that we all love to do. There are number of techniques through which you can embellish your home in different styles like you can have some antique works, wall hangings, voguish furniture's and so on. Beautiful rugs will also add a great value in the interiors of your home. Purchasing of rugs is considered as a one of the most embellishing way to decorate your home in own distinct fashion. If you own a big home and there is ample space in ...

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Kilim London

 Tips to Buy Splendid Kilims for Your Home   If you want your home to look unique and different then you have to put your imaginations and creativity in interiors of your home. With this post I am going to share some of the useful tips, which definitely help you during the selection of rugs or kilims for your home or office decorations. If you have good budget for interior designing of your home then you can have the finely designed Kilims in the stairways of your home coming out to ...

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Caucasian Rugs

The region lying on both sides of the Caucasus Mountains and bounded on the west by the Black Sea and the Turkish frontier, on the south by Persia and on the east by the Caspian, has been an undisputed Russian possession for almost a century. Prior to that parts of it had changed hands from time to time between the Turks and Persians, and in the early stages of rug importation to America its fabrics were known as Turkish textiles. They were more widely used than those of Persia or the Anatolian ...

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Handmade rugs

Handmade rugs are the instances of uniqueness and beauty associated in each design, showing the great influence of arts when woven with use of natural colors and fibers. Handmade rugs have been instantiated in 5th century in Persia well known place for the different kinds of oriental rugs, antique rugs in the history. The numbers of attributes associated with handmade rugs make them different from each new design so that every new pattern reflects special feeling. At Rugs Store we are pleased...

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Oriental Rugs Cleaning

We offer a full and competitive cleaning and repair service on all sizes of rugs and kilims. We have undertaken specialist restoration work including cleaning and repairs, insurance salvage work following floods, fire and accidental damage and are now recommended by many local and national insurers. Oriental rugs with delicate fibres need specialist cleaning.  Whether it has sentimental value or was very expensive, we recognise that oriental rugs need to be analysised before cleanin...

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Turkish Carpet

 Buying a Turkish Carpet Turkish carpets have long been considered a desirable addition to any well-decorated home. They can be as much fun to buy as they are beautiful to look at. But whether you are lucky enough to be shopping in Turkey or simply buying one from a dealer closer to home, there are several things you should be aware of to insure you get the best carpet for your money.  You will want to determine whether the rug was machine or hand-knotted. The hand-knotted versio...

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Antique Rugs

  Antique rugs as the name suggest are antique in design with extraordinary conventional artworks by proficient artists. An antique rug with hand-reeled wool and unbleached colors looks brighter because of the revived backgrounds and quality works. Antique rugs include the superior rugs like oriental rugs, Persian rugs made in Persia, Turkey and other countries in the late 19th and 20th centuries. At span style="font-family:"Arial","sans-serif";mso-fareast-language: ...

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Rugs For Your Home

Pick Out Ethical Rugs for Your Home   As you have come to this blog then definitely you have already made your mind on purchasing a beautiful rug for your home or may be for your office. If you are new to the domain of rug then here I will try to answer some of the questions going on in your mind. The process of selecting a rug starts from the area where you want to place it in your home, it can be your living room or hallways, if you have good budget to spend on the rugs then you can...

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Rug Fringe Repairs

 Repairing Fringes of Rugs The most common repair job we receive is fringes as they are the first elements of the rugs to get damaged through use and vacuuming. Majority of rugs have cotton fringes, that is the extension of the warps (vertical foundation threads) holding your rug together. Some rugs have wool or silk warps, but the main point to understand is the fringes are not there for cosmetic reasons, they are effectively what your rug is built on Fringe is the Skeleton of Your Rug, ...

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Traditional Oriental Rugs

 Shop for Traditional Oriental Rugs First come the trend of traditional rugs in the initial stages when it was new for all people then slowly other types of rugs like modern rugs, Traditional Rugs came into existence. Traditional rugs are easily available from any rugs shops or market. The traditional rugs are known for providing alleviates the stress of your body. Sitting on a hard floor may strain your back or leg but on rugs shows positive effects. Connoisseur people have long back reco...

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Handmade Rug

 Handmade Rugs are Famous Domestic Accessories in UK Handmade Rugs, also known as Oriental Rugs, are in huge demand in Britain. People love decorating their homes with these, for famous are they for their mystique and enigmatic appeal. The UK imports these from far away and distant lands, and buyers within Britain are equally enthusiastic about decorating their homes with these accessories. Some Handmade Rugs sold in stores within the UK include the Afghan Rugs, Ardabil Rugs, Bokhara Rugs...

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Oriental Rugs

 All about Oriental Rugs     Rugs are one of the essential component of any kind of home or office decorations. Rugs are available in number of different forms like contemporary rugs, Persian rugs, kilims and so on. Oriental rugs are one of the customary rugs popular for their ancient backgrounds, unique design and development distinctive. Recent rise in the demands of oriental rugs largely increased their productions and as a result large varieties of oriental rugs are available...

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rug cleaners

 Why Choose Rug Store for Your Oriental rug Cleaning? Experience has taught us that Oriental rugs must have routine maintenance to preserve all aspects of their value. They require a cleaning methodology different from other types of carpet cleaning. The great diversity of weaves condition, age and types of soil found in various Oriental rugs must be treated differently in order to safely and thoroughly remove both the abrasive grit in the carpet and the atmospheric soils that dull their c...

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Traditional rugs

 Traditional rugs Traditional rugs are one of the renowned rugs perfect for you especially if you want to attach standardized elegance to your floor resembling a Royal Palace or imperial mansions. Traditional rugs also include antique designs, large rugs which may take months to complete a particular design. There are number of rugs coming in the category of traditional designs comprising of oriental rugs, Persian rugs, fine quality of Turkish rugs, Afghan rugs, Kazak rugs, Ziegler rugs,...

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 Way up the Appearance of Your Home with Rugs    span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:"Trebuchet MS","sans-serif"; color:navy" It’s all up to you how you put up the things in your home in a most suitable manner to make the place more and more attractive. Little but effective changes can come out to be center of attractions for a particular room. A beautiful home must have welcoming approach in the environment with some sort of innovations in inte...

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Oriental Rugs Online

 Why You Should Go For Oriental Rugs Online? Internet has opened new approach for working and doing things in different domains like education, entertainment, science and technology and so on. Internet has been built-up as an effectual marketing tool for the millions of traders who are selling and offering their goods online. Everything is available on internet from your favorite electronic objects to household goods like Oriental Carpets, luxurious furniture’s and just anything that...

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Kilim Furniture

Kilim furniture’s looks glorious whenever placed in a living room, study or any other extremely visible place of a home. Kilim furniture’s mainly include arm chairs, vintage sofa, Kilim Stools, trunks, tables or other kind of furniture made up from kilims. Nowadays Kilim furniture's are extensively preferred in the different areas and rooms by the interiors designers to give original and innovative looks to a room. Kilim furniture’s are unique in design as they are made up f...

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 All about Quality Rugs Rugs are really effective part of the home decor. Presence of simple rugs can change the complete outlook of any place whether it is your home or an office. If you have a big living room and wants to partition it then large rugs are specially meant for your home and they will also take in contents of the room in a sequence, hence making the area more presentable. Many people’s place attractively looking rugs in the different parts of home especially on stairw...

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Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are the rugs that carry the contemporary and modern world designs and styles. It is well known that the styles and trends keep on changing and therefore there is nothing fixed about these types of rugs unlike the traditional rugs that display the traditional art from different parts of the world from the times when there was not much cultural cross breeding. The most important thing while considering buying modern rugs is to keep a track of the latest trends and styles. The&nb...

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Traditional Rug

 Traditional rugs have always made an impact whenever used as a home décor, because it adds colour and comfort to the home. This has been used in different designs, specifically contemporary themes, because it adds visual attention to the main notion. A lot of people prefer to utilize these items, because combining it with different furnishings and decors is certainly not complicated. If you’re bored with the current look in your home, this is something that you can add to spic...

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Rug Store

 Respectable Rug Store Where You Can Discover Your Needs  There are definite viewpoints that you must have to keep up and take care of when paying for rugs for your home. Purchasing of rugs is not straightforward job that you just visit any rug store and purchase rugs just because of their good looks without any prior evaluations. This approach can make your rugs shopping’s a complete failure with wastage of hundreds of your pounds. You may have seen thousands of innovative rug...

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Rugs Online

 Shopping Your Favorite Rugs Online What do you think about shopping your favorite products online? Different peoples may have different opinions on this view, may be on the basis of their personal experiences. Online shopping is the great means of selling and purchasing over internet with the wide perspectives and selections. Different peoples may have different reasons for shopping online like for many of you it is the most comfortable way to get your favorite goods delivered at your doo...

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Large Rug

 Large Rugs Large rugprimarily utilized in offices and spacious homes to spread over large area like from entrance halls to the office main area, boarding rooms, conference rooms and so on. Large rug are available in different varieties in context of the colors, designing's, patterns, fabrics, prices and so on. The prices of these rugs generally deviate with the designing's and quality, more superior designing's and quality a rug has the greater will be its cost. Large rug are simply perfe...

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Turkish Rug

Rugs come from all over the world. The Middle East is well known for their Persian rugs while America is well known for the Native rugs. However, Europe is one continent that is never really thought of for rugs, until you look into the history of Turkish rugs. This style dates back to 7000BC and is all due to the migration of tribes between Europe and Asia. Turkey actually sits on the Silk Road and there are still many styles that are still handmade today although many are now done through in...

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oriental rug

Oriental rugs are mainly produced in the countries like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India where this art of weaving is accepted since long years back. Oriental rugs are best-known for their supreme creativity and quality of weaving's. Usually, it takes approximately 3 to 6 months in creation of particular Oriental rug that is why oriental rugs are highly-priced among the other types of rugs.    Nowadays majority of the young artists from Oriental rug manufacturing compan...

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  Why You Should Buy Kilims for Your Home Kilims are one of the ancient piece of rug artistry ever known among the buyers. These are largely manufactured in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and some parts of the Europe. Demand of kilims has been greatly increased since last 2-3 years as more and more peoples across the globe prefer to purchase them because of their individualism, originality and appeal. Selection of any kind of rug is not easy and generally customers got bewild...

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rugs repair london

  Rugs Repair London Rug store professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Rugs and Kilims upholstery repair solutions, our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers. We use hand spun wool and tailor made vegetable dyes individually mixed for colour matching to suit the needs of the rug, with leading industry tools to handle your request with the up most effectiveness at affordabl...

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rugs cleaning

 Rug Cleaning Cost Our rug cleaning service is a flat rate of £25 per square meter. Please note that this price excludes silk carpets or rugs. To have your silk rugs cleaned please contact us for your quote, Rug store professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Rugs and Kilims upholstery cleaning solutions, our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers. We pride ourselves ...

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rugs repair

 Welcome to Rug Store’s Rug Repair Services. Rug Store’s professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Rugs and Kilims repair solutions.  Our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers in the UK Contact us Repairing rugs is a highly skilled craft that is comparable in technique and experience with the rug manufacturing process. For example...

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afghan rug

 Afghan rugs are one of the ancient oriental rugs conventionally manufactured in the Afghanistan. The woven style and designing of Afghan rugs varies with different regions from where these rugs are originated primarily. The majority of Afghan rugs are known with their area of foundation or through the name of the ethnic group who constructs them. Afghan Rugs stand for their wide ethical, aesthetic and surprising skills of the artists. Another specialty of these large rugs is their custom...

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kilim sofa

Kilim furniture’s looks glorious whenever placed in a living room, study or any other extremely visible place of a home. Kilim furniture’s mainly include arm chairs, vintage sofa, Kilim Stools, trunks, tables or other kind of furniture made up from kilims. Nowadays Kilim furniture’s are extensively preferred in the different areas and rooms by the interiors designers to give original and innovative looks to a room. Kilim furniture’s are unique in design as they ...

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Rugs London

  We all wish to decorate our homes in different unique structure so to keep our interiors novel and abreast from others. Well, there are couple of important things that can really change the overall looks of you home, these things comprise of your furniture design, rugs, curtains, lightening system, modular interiors so and so. Here, in this blog I will discuss all about the rugs and how you can pick out a best rug store for your home or office ornamentation’s. Before you ma...

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Rug Store Online

Welcome to Rug Store Gallery. Rug Store has been providing quality products to customers throughout London, UK, for over 35 years. During that time, our staffs have satisfied over 10000 customers. Our collection is made up of more than 6000 fine Oriental rugs. We also provide cleaning and repair services. If you’re looking for a New, Old, Antique Oriental rugs and Kilims look no further than Gallery of Rug Store. Shop online or in-store at Rug Store Situated in Richmond London , the st...

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Kilim Rugs

  Kilims are finely decorative pieces of ancient arts representing the ethnic backgrounds of a nation. kilims are recognized for their specific geometrical shapes and particular handicraft arts of the artists. In the early years manufacturing of kilims were popular in Middle East and Central Asia especially in the countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Caucasus, Persia and Balkans. Genuine Kilims are although rarely available in market these days but we are fully satisfied o...

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