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R7630 Beautiful Antique Turkish Sarkisla Kilim Rugs

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Location: UK
Age: Antique
Origin: Turkish  
City/Village: Sarkisla
Size cm: 380 x 286
Size ft: 12'8 x 9'6
Code No: R7630
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Price: £3250.00
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Large Turkish Sarkisla Kilim Rug region of Turkey - Finely woven in wool, it is in great condition, about 75 to 80 years old.


Sivas, large town in the east part of Turkey, was once the important center on the trade roads. Because of its mixed population, Sivas Kilims show the influence of both etnique groups. Comparing to Turkish Kilim Rug woven in the eastern Turkey, Sivas Kilims have lighter colors with the predominance of bright red, orange, pale green, cream and white colors. Small prayer rugs, safs are common. Large Sivas kilims, which have central or repeating medallions, are finely woven and they use good quality of wool. Leaf and wine motif is often used on the border of Sivas Kilims.