Kilim Cushion Covers

Antique Kilim Pillows

Kilim cushion covers seem to be enormous and greatly improve the looks of a room. At Rug Store we put forward an array of Kilim Cushion Covers with varying designs, colours and sizes all by keeping in mind the varied requirements of the users.

Anatolian Kilim Floor Cushions

Nowadays it became really hard to find real kilims but we are committed for the quality and authentication of the kilim cushion covers which we possess Our in house craftsmen can construct huge cushions, flooring cushions, bolster cushions, sofa cushions and more.

Floor Kilim Cushion Covers

Kilim cushion covers are ultimate especially for sofa, chair, divan and other furniture’s in your home. You will find almost any kind of Kilim Floor Cushion Covers sizes at rug store according to the size of your cushion but if you are still not satisfied you can place an order according to your requirements for enhanced results.Our attractive cushion covers go well with the décor of your home, in giving your place a standardized and trendy appearance.

Kilims used in our products are old and genuine. These Kilim Cushions are made with pieces of carpets and kilims joined to make Kilim Pillow Covers. Kilim Cushions can be made for order for any size. Back has cotton with a zipper.Floor Kilim Cushion Covers


Kilim Pillow

You can even extend your search of kilims cushions covers after specifying the criteria like size, price and type of the cushions covers which you are willing to have for your home. You can also call us on 020 8876 0070 or visit us at Richmond London to explore your investigations and choices of having beautiful Kilims Cushions Covers